Finding the CSC Online Notice of School Assignment

Are you trying to find the link of the Online Notice of School Assignment in the Civil Service Commission official website?

The 2013 Career Service Professional Examination and Career Service SubProfessional Examination Paper-and-Pencil Test (PPT) will be on April 14, 2013 and October 13, 2013. The period of filing applications will be on November 19, 2012 until February 28, 2013 and April 15, 2013 until August 30, 2013, respectively.  You can read here the further details of the examination.

After the filing of application, the next problem is the reviewer. Secure a reviewer from a friend or try to Google it yourself. Should you wish for a tip and more help in taking the exam, please leave a comment below. I might consider writing one since I personally took and passed the examination last October 2012, with the help of an online reviewer. My Civil Service Journey, if you wish to read, can be accessed here.

Now, after the review period, you are ready to take and ace the exam.

As mentioned in the application form, you can find a link to the Online Notice of School Assignment in the website of the Civil Service Commission. This Online Notice of School Assignment will give you where you will take the exam and some tips on what to bring on the day. However, if you search Online Notice of School Assignment on the page of Civil Service Commission, you can’t find a good link. You start to googling the link yourself. Eventually, this is the right page.

The link to ONSA can be accessed here. (Update: As of April 2, 2014, the link cannot be accessed. )

As long as the room assignment is ready, you can already access the page by filling the required information. As of March 23, I cannot access my data for the October 2012 examination. Surely, as of the moment, your room assignment is now up.

If you need some help for a reviewer, you can download these notes here. However, if it doesn’t work, please use this link instead. I assure you this is type of exam used. Feel free to read the notes and familiarize its type before taking the exam on April.

Should you be able to access the website, please comment below so that others will know the news. Should there be anything I can be of help, feel free to comment below.

Good luck for the examination! I know you can make it. Let’s serve the people by working with the government!


108 thoughts on “Finding the CSC Online Notice of School Assignment

  1. hey thanks to this blog of yours….really a big help…im taking this April 2013 for’re almost there (Top 10)..Anyway congratulations and God bless!!

  2. Hi,

    I can’t access the link for room assignment.

    By the way, I’ll be taking a Career Service Examination this coming April 14, 2013. Can you please share to me some useful tips and reviewer that could help me pass the exam?

    Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

  3. Hi,
    I cant find the link where i can see my school and room assignment. And also can you give me an advice for the exam. All i have here is the reviewer that i bought in nbs and newspapers for current events. 🙂 hopr you can help me out. This exam is my passport to my Dream Career. 🙂 thank you

  4. malaking tulong to. dahil hinahanap ko ung onsa. haaay. ditoko lng pla mhahanap. thanks again!!! ask ko lng, if u dont mind, reliable b ung online reviewer??? thank u!

  5. hindi ko ma acces yung online room assignment.eto lumalabas.
    Examinee Data not found in the database. Please check your record and try again.
    Or contact the CSC Regional Office where the application was filed, for details of your School and Room Assignment.10 times ko na tinry.can you help me?thanks

  6. I’ll be taking a Career Service Examination this coming April 14, 2013 and until now I cant access the link of CSC on school & room assignment.

  7. good day everyone. im going to log my comments here just so u know. i can’t access the link to my room assignment. Can any of you from the civil service office lend a hand please? thank you in advance.

  8. pwede ba ako mkahingi din ng copy of reviewer ninyo .. april 2013 me nka-scheduled and sadly last year i failed the exam. thanx

  9. Hi cant find the link of “Online Notice of School Assignment” could you help me one to find it. Until now I was’nt received my room assignment..thanks much..

  10. Should the application receipt indicate the testing time, place and application number? Mine doesn’t. Before I left the csc office, I asked if there’s anything I missed and they said I’m cleared. I might call them later for confirmation and also their ONSA links can’t be accessed at all. Thanks for this post, wish me luck on the exam 🙂

  11. i already receive a txt message from csc , i have the rm assignment but i dont know how to go there .can you please help me mr.prince piero, im from muntinlupa and i need to be early as 6am in ramon magsaysay highschool espana .i will take commute only , can you pls help me ?? what is the easier way to reach ramon magsaysay highschool espana taking a bus from alabang would be a possible ? im not familiar in manila . and this will be my first time to take the csc exam.
    your almost there! more power to you 🙂
    pls reply me soon before the exam date april 14 ,2013

    • oh i see , thanks anyway . ur blog helps me a lot esp w / the pointers my cousin told me not to concentrate on hard part just passby and then bfore passing the sheet check again if all are answer well. yah prayers really works .faith and determination . il try nlng to wake up early pra d matrapik s congested route ng mla …..
      i hope i can meet you in cebu in personal …soon .

  12. its so good that we already know our schedule earlier than we expect so thst we can be more prepare thanks blogger…….

  13. thanks nakuha ko na yung NOSA namin. brod sabi nla wla n dw abstract reasoning n exam.sau b nun nag exam k meron p?thanks ulit

  14. i tried opening your link anout the ONSA but only the rm number is indicated, no room assignment . where can i find that? thanks.

  15. Hi. Thanks for your blog. Really was a big help! :p

    i just can’t seem to download your uploaded reviewers. 😦

  16. good afternon! sir/madam, i want some have tips or reviewer civil service exam, ill take exam this coming april 14, 2013 at cagayan de oro city.
    tanx and God bless your website.

  17. i cant access my school assignnmet…laging attention verification code…pano ba ang pag ano sa verfication code?..tama naman po ang tinaype ko

  18. When I started to solve the math problems, I thought I got the answers right, pero nung chineck ko na sa answer key, mali pala mga sagot kong iba.. :”( on april 14, magsesecond take ako. may penalty ba sa mga wrong answers? or it is better to leave it blank kung di ako sigurado sa sagot? I mean.. bka right minus wrong yung pagchecheck nila? what do u think?

  19. pag ba hindi alam ang sagot better leave it blank na lng ba? or huhulaan? um.. wala bang penalty for wrong answers? I mean, bka right minus wrong yun?

  20. hi. I wanted to check on my rating ( i passed the cse ppt last apr 14, 2013). The online inquiry asks for the examination number which i cant recall. Is there a chance you can help me on this? Thanks! Anyway, i downloaded the reviewers you shared. They were a big help. Thanks again:) more power!

  21. Mr. Pierro, thankyou for the reviewers! Kagabi lang narelease yung result, May 29, and.. ayun nga.. pasado ako. Salamat again! :))

  22. hi there,April 14, 2013 CSC – result of passers and report rating is already released. why is it that i cannot found my name in both results please give me some hint on what to do with this kind of problem thanks and God bless.

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