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Civil Service Journey

The Civil Service Professional Examination journey was quite long. But memorable!

Here are the dates I shall forever treasure:

August 22, 2012. I filed the Career Service Professional Examination in its regional office—a walk from my boarding house—to have the test permit  for the October 21 exam. The test permit cost me P500.00.


October 21, 2012. Travelling Cebu City from Carcar City at dawn, I took the Career Service Professional Examination of the Civil Service Commission in the University of the Visayas (UV), Colon Street, Cebu City. In UV, my classmate Ivie also took the exam. My friend Merriefin, on the other hand, had her examination in the University of Cebu. She was with Miyuu, my other friend who took the Sub-Professional Examination instead.

December 6, 2012. After a long wait, exactly 46 days after the examination date, the results came out. When I opened Facebook, I knew Miyuu got first in the Sub-Professional Level Region VII. Happy and, at the same time, envious of her accomplishment, I first checked the Top 10 of the Professional Level. In National, I didn’t find my name. Not even in Region VII. So, I didn’t made it to the Top 10 though I find the examination not-that-difficult-and-a-little-bit-easy. The last thing I did was to check if I, in the first place, passed the exam. Thankfully, I did. So did my other friends.

Several days after the examination, I went to Region VII Office of the Civil Service Commission to inquire about my certificate (and know my score). To be honest, the reason why I wanted to be on Top 10 is to know my score. But I was told that I shall wait for the e-mail giving me the instruction for the Awarding Ceremony the next month.

January 9, 2013. Early morning, I received an e-mail dated January 7 that the next day will be the Awarding Ceremony. It will be held in the Regional Office of the Civil Service Commission.



January 10, 2013. Today is the day I shall know my score, that I kept in mind. At 1PM, I went to the Regional Office of the Civil Service Commission to claim my Certificate of Eligibility after passing the Career Service Professional Examination last October 21. I seated beside the Topnocher (Top 1) of the Sub-Professional Level and, amazingly, in front of me was the 10th of the Professional Level. Both of them only made it to the Regional Level, but that wasn’t easy. Only the two of them out of all the Topnochers of the examination were present.

Upon seeing my score and realizing I seated in probably the most awesome place, I realized I almost got into Top 10. The 10th placer got 84.77 while I got 84.38. Almost! Not bad, Piero Aldaya.

Thank you, Lord, for guiding me in the entire exam and getting an awesome score. Glad to pass an examination that will forever benefit my career if I wish to work in the government, someday sometime soon.



25 thoughts on “Civil Service Journey

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  2. I took the examination twice already and this coming April 14, 2013 will be my third attempt for the CSC PPT….. ok naman ako sa analytical verbal gen info pero pag dating na sa numerical lagi lang ako nakakakuha ng 50% mga 57% 59%…. para sa akin mahirap sa akin ang math….. ngayon I practice and practice pero parang di ko parin magawa gumawa ng formula kung papaano masagutan ng mabilis ang mga tanong…. it takes 4-5 minutes ang nako consume ko sa isang math problem ang masakit pa eh kung wala pa ang sagot….. hay!!!! pede mo po ba akong mabigyan ng idea kung panu ako makakasagot ng mabilis…..

    • Hi, Marvin!

      I believe mapapasa mo na to this time.

      Advice? Aside from studying, it pays to pray. ‘Yun ang isang bagay na kailangan natin kapag nahihirapan na talaga tayo. Regardless of religion, kapag nag-pray tayo sa Kanya, nagkakaroon tayo ng strength to do the unbelievable. 🙂 Siguro, yan ang dahilan kung bakit ko napasa ang exam.

      Aside from that, get a reviewer and focus on Math. With techniques, iba-iba yan. I can’t explain mine. Pero nakayanan ko siya with minimal usage of scratch paper. Familiarize with the problems and create your own solution. Gawa ka ng sariling shortcut na comfortable ka.

      Good luck sa exam, kaibigan!

    • Mahina rin ako sa math, what I did is that after seeing the coverage of the exam, I searched in google the TIPS and TECHNIQUES on how to solve a certain problem( example: tips and techniques to solve ratio and proportion). After being familiar with the technique, I assess myself by solving problems in the reviewer. Then I write in the paper the lessons that I learned to keep me aware. I also eat chocolate during my review session and in the actual exam day. Above all, PRAYER is our best weapon. God helps those who helped themselves.

  3. hi thanks for this info and it helps me a lot …wala ko gnawa kundi mg google ng onsa and di ko mkita , congratulation sayang at kaw nsa nging top 10 or 9th ,amazing great !!

    • CSC have qouta’s for passers. If you will notice in every exam, passers were only 8-12% of the total takers and that is consistent. I read a blog, it says that those who reach their qouta will get the 80% grade……In general, you will be rank according to your score.

  4. Thank you so much! This is really a big help. Everything I need to equip myself is right here. 🙂

  5. thank u so much.. 🙂 week from now would be my another defining moment after taking my board exam.. It takes another one wish to be a passer of this Professional exam.. God bless.

  6. Hi po, ask lng me what po ba use if you pass this test? madali k lng bah mkapasok ng work? where can you possibly be employed?

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